Our Process

Our Property Development Process

At Elven Property, we strongly believe that there should be nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about your property development. We have a thorough process that is tailored to fit your needs. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our full-proof six step process, based on valued feedback and functionality.



Study Development Block

So, you have decided to development your block, your property or unused land. Depending on your block size, we will provide you with the necessary advice. We will propose subdivision or other development options and work on feasibilities of your block with input from our surveyor. Our team will also check site services, the site for new fencing or retaining walls that may be required to develop the block and any government body requirements of the block. A brief project brief will be created at this stage.

Concept Inception

We will prepare a concept brief with you regarding your development requirements. This is a chance to explore your specific functionality needs, your design preferences and architectural tastes. We set budget guidelines to work towards. This is an interactive process and often takes a few tweaks and revisions to come up with a concept that feels right.





Architectural Drawings

After the concept meeting, we conduct a secondary meeting to finalise the concept and prepare architectural drawings. Elven Property has an in-house architect who will manage this stage. We can also identify a colour palette during this meeting and will consider integrated products, lighting and even finishing products if a turnkey build is selected.

Approval Stage

After the second meeting has taken place and we have consulted with our designer and architect, it is time to obtain the green light for the designs and other development milestones. The approval stage involves costing the project, an official acceptance of the design along with a formal acceptance of the agreed price. Other necessary approvals include lodgments to authoritative bodies and if required, planning approval is obtained at this stage.





Contracts Documentation

Now it is time to sign on the dotted line and apply for your indemnity insurance. We will initiate the necessary preparations for all the required documentation including the payment schedule, engineering plans, architectural plans and the HIA contract documents.

The Development Phase

The wheels have now been set in motion for the construction! We always allocate a supervisor/project manager who will manage the liaisons for your development. This representative will communicate the progress of your development, every step of the way. Don’t worry, your agile team at Elven Property is a mere phone call away.



Congratulations! 🎉🎉

That is right! Your property development is finished. Once your construction has been completed, we will hand over the keys to you. This is also an opportunity to inspect the finished product. We might also seek your permission to submit your new home to the Housing Industry of Australia’s Housing Awards, which is a prestige and honour to take part in.

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